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Blinds & Awnings Yoogali

We install windows, blinds and awnings across Yoogali and a wide surrounding area including Griffith, Yenda, Bilbul and Widgelli. Our speciality is protecting you from the Australian elements of sun, wind and rain, and we get fulfilment in knowing how much of a difference this makes to your life and your home.

The ultimate BBQ and patio area is not without the cover of shade. And you probably know this yourself, after experiencing the hot sun or unexpected shower making your BBQ or patio area unenjoyable. You might have even suffered sunburns in your own backyard. But we can help you enjoy more of your yard by installing the right awning for your yard area.

In summer, there are few better ways to cool the house than to close the blinds. You can feel the cool change instantly, and it uses absolutely no electricity or money. We think that blinds are essential for Australian homes, and we install them to fit your window sizes. And we also do blind upgrades and replacements, because there are a variety of sleek, contemporary blind designs that can make all the difference to the interior of your home.